Bonus bonus bonus got a MASSIVE upgrade and you can now grab up to €250 or get 400% for your 1st deposit! ✅ The crazy part is that you select from 3 awesome bonuses! After upgraded its sportsbook platform with the help of Betconstruct, now there’s another surprise: a fantastic and massive bonus upgrade!

One thing that kept from being competitive was the welcome bonus – which was poor, to say the least: 50% up to €25.  However, now things have changed and came with …NOT 1 bonus, NOT 2 bonuses, but 3 bonuses from which to choose when joining the website and making your first deposit. How amazing is that?

Let’s get into details:

After you register on by clicking on one of the buttons or links below, you need to activate the bonus from the bonus section under your profile. The awesome thing is that you have 3 offers to choose from:

  1. 100% up to €100
  2. 50% up to €250
  3. 400% up to €40

400%??? You fucking kiddin’ me? That’s HUGE!

CLICK HERE to register and get one of these 3 bonuses!


What I like is that is one of the few bookies which introduced something I really appreciate and I’ve rarely seen in sports betting: the possibility of choosing a first deposit bonus which suits you. 👍

If you want to make an average deposit, get the most out of it and have relatively low wagering conditions, then you go for bonus no.1 which is 100% up to €100. This has to be wagered only 6 times on odds greater than 1.50.

If you want to start big, deposit a larger amount and plan to test for a longer period, then you can go for bonus no.2 which is a 50% up to €250. This requires more wagering, 10 times on odds greater than 1.50.

If you don’t have too much money or you simply don’t want to deposit too much in from the first time, then you can go for bonus no.3 which is 400% up to €40. This is simply crazy because with a €10 deposit you will get €50 in your balance (overall). This bonus has to be wagered 15 times on odds greater than 1.50.

To be honest, I’m impressed.

It’s such a simple thing, technically, to develop a bonus mechanism which will allow players to choose the bonus they want, diversify the welcome offers and keep everyone happy (amateurs, low budget players, high budget players etc) – however, very few bookies (close to none) made this effort. That’s why I am impressed and I think has done a GREAT job!

If you think it’s worth it, join and grab one of these bonuses TODAY!

No bonus code is required!

€250 First Deposit Bonus

Join, make a deposit, choose the bonus from the bonus tab and get a 50% match-up which can go up to €250!✅ You can also choose a 100% up to €100 or 400% up to €40! Whatever bonus you like!
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